Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival in Samka, Kuchinarai , Kalasin Thailand

Continuous success of Tribal Messiah Movement at Samkha, the 6th Sub-district of Kuchinarai district


FFWPU Thailand, Kamol Thananopavarn: On October 22, 2015; 485 people participated at the Interfaith Peace Blessing at Samka sub-district, Kuchinarai district, Kalasin Province. This was under the leadership of Mrs. Sangkom Netsopa, Tribal Messiah who fulfill restoration of 430 couples completed 3 days ceremony with the support of Great John the Baptist: Dr. and Mrs. Ronnachit Puttala, Chief of Kuchinarai district officer & former Chief of Khaowong district officer.

Dr. Ronnachit determine to support FFWPU to do the blessing, education, follow up for 3 days ceremony in the area under his govern because he can see and experience that FFWPU project is the best project for bring society to peace and happiness which start from wife & husband marriage relationship. He is planning to propose FFWPU project to Kalasin provincial governor and H.E. Minister of Social Development and Human Security.

He still keeps promise to Dr. Chung Sik Yong, Regional President of Asia, to raise 40 government leaders under him to restore 430 families completed 3 days ceremony and bring them to visit Peace Palace and Cheongpyeong in Korea during Gi Weon Jeol celebration. Now he plans to expand FFWPU work to other districts in Kalasin province. Now he had lead the completion 6th sub-district blessing ceremony already and going to finish all 12 sub-district of Kuchinarai by this coming Janaury.

Mr. & Mrs. Atichok Kerdchang are Tribal Messiah who take ownership at Samkha subdistrict under the leadership of Mrs. Sangkom. Even Sangkom had completed 430 couples already but she still continues to work hard to support other blessed families to fulfill this goal in the area near her hometown.   Every sub-district of Kuchinarai when holding blessing, the local people are really taking ownership and feel that they want to work hard and sacrifice to welcome one of the greatest blessing to their community.

On October 21, morning session is Divine Principle session “Family is School of Love and Peace”, opening speech was given by Dr. Ronnachit Puttala. The concept of his speech was almost the same as Divine Principle lecture but he added more examples of himself as government leaders he need to take care communities that Father Sun Myung Moon and project of FFWPU are the best to protect our community, society and nation of Thailand.

All people of Samkha were so inspired by Divine Principle seminar and all rituals of blessing. They are so grateful to True Parents and FFWPU that come to bring such the greatest blessing to their community. They determine to fulfill 40 days separation and 3 day ceremony and want to become Ideal Model Families as guided by Father Moon and to transform their sub-district and Kuchinarai district to become Ideal Model sub-district and Ideal Model district of FFWPU.