Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival in Panna District, Thailand

By FFWPU Thailand, Kamol Thananoapvarn: Tribal Messiah movement in Thailand continue to expand in raising Choen Il Guk citizens at Panna district in Amnatchareon province, Northeast of Thailand

270 couples 513 people attended Tribal Messiah Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival at Government Auditorium of Panna District on November 6, 2015. Dr. Lek and Mrs.Lek Thaveetermsakul, Choen Il Guk  Special Envoy, leading the Tribal Messiah group to determine to raise up hundred thousand of CIG citizens.

Tribal Messiah, Blessed families and young student members worked very hard to mobilize families to join blessing and education through government and community leaders support. Even though now is the season for harvest the rice and Buddhist temple ceremony; sub-district directors, village leaders and community leaders are so inspired with FFWPU vision and activities to promote Ideal family and Peaceful community, so they really motivate people to come.

Begin by Education session : Divine Principle “Family is School of Love and Peace” & Significance of Blessing which include the meaning of Indemnity stick, 40 days separation and 3 days ceremony by Mr. Warakorn Samang, Vice-director of Education of FFWPU Thailand. All participants were so inspired by the teaching of True Parents.

Pre-program was Thai Northeast traditional dance to pay respect and loyalty to the King and filial piety to the nation by Students of Pana high school.

Rev. Kamol Thananoapvarn, National Leader of Thailand served as MC. Prof. Kirti Bunchua, Vice President of UPF Thailand and Chairman of PWPA Thailand gave welcoming remark. Mr. Manat Sirisuknivas, Tribal Messiah and Chief of Organizing committee gave reporting remark and Mr. Chanchai Prommabutra, Deputy Chief of Panna District Officer gave Opening Remark.

Wives and husbands were revived in their love relationship through holy wine ceremony. Buddhist monk, Catholic Priest and Folk Bhraman teacher gave invocation prayer.

Dr. & Mrs. Lek Thaveetermsakul were Officiators representing True Parents. Blessing participants all felt the holiness of their marriage and family through Benediction Prayer of True Father from Blessing in Cheongshim World Peace Center in March 2012. They felt even more inspired and closer in their love between wife and husband through indemnity stick ceremony. They determine to complete 40 days separation and 3 days ceremony and want to follow FFWPU guidance to become Model Blessed Families

Government and community leaders felt so moved and inspired by Blessing. They want to take ownership to hold blessing in sub-districts level in order to bring peace through family to all household in Panna district.

There will be the series of blessing ceremony almost everyday from November, December and January in Thailand. FFWPU Thailand leaders and blessed families are determined to raise up hundred thousands of CIG in Thailand through Tribal Messiah. We determine to restore 144 tribes, each tribe 430 families by the coming of Gi Won Jeol. There are many possibilities, especially co-operation and support from central government and great VIPs in position of John the Baptist. Thailand leaders, blessed families and members will do utmost effort with unity centering of True Father and True Mother for the restoration of Choen Il Guk by 2020.