Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival in Nakham sub-district, Kuchinarai district, Kalasin province, Northeast of Thailand

FFWPU Thailand, Kamol Thananopavarn: Mrs. Sangkom Netsopa, Model Thailand Tribal Messiah continue to break through in her hometown area with the great support of Dr. & Mrs. Ronnachit Puttala, great John the Baptist. Since the end of 2012, Mrs. Sangkom worked with Dr. Ronnachit who was chief of Khaowong district officer and then currently move to work as chief of Kuchinarai district officer; with this unity of Cain and Abel, there are more than 5000 people were blessed and 1,800 couples were restored through 3 days ceremony. Sangkom family help others two families to be victorious tribal messiah for restoration of 430 couples. Now Sangkom tribal messiah group determined to restore 36 tribes very soon.

Dr. Ronnachit always testified to his people and other government officers that since he never see any projects better than FFWPU blessing and education. FFWPU can solve the problem at the root, can answer all the question of conflict and immorality and make society into true and sustainable peace. He always testifies that government should pour the resources to such a project.

Government leaders and community leaders worked with Sangkom tribal staff with unity and strong ownership to mobilized and organized DP workshop and Blessing at Nakham sub-district. As the can feel and believe that FFWPU committee will come to their village in order to bring great blessing to their community. Mr. Saveang Ampai & Mrs. Shizuko Ota, 30000 Thai-Japanese couple is the main tribal messiah in this sub-district.

On October 19, it was 1 day DP workshop, the opening speech was given by Chairman of Nakham sub-district administration office and lecture by Mr. Phayungsri Deekote of FFWPU Thailand HQ. People were so inspired and agree with all teaching of TP on family, especially the concept of 4 great realm of heart, Absolute Sex, True love True Life and True Lineage. They determine to complete all blessing process, especially 40 days separation and 3 days ceremony in order to become model blessed central family. At the end, Dr. Ronnachit came to give closing speech for DP workshop. He preached like as he were FFWPU pastor to support all TP’s teaching, vision and activities; and asked people to practice blessed family tradition.

Religious leaders feel that they themselves receive amazing grace by blessing ceremony and understanding of DP.   The Chairman of Christian pastor have already brought his wife, daughter and parents to receive blessing at Sangkom tribe and plan to study Divine Principle more and bring his Christian congregation to join our blessing also.

Dr. and Mrs. Lek Thaveetermsakul, CIG Special Envoy, served as Officiator representing True Parents. All participants felt the holiness and touched by True Father’s prayer at Blessing ceremony at Cheongshim World Peace center in March 2012. They felt so much love between wife and husband, the experience of purification, sanctification and the revival of true love between wife and husband.

They all determined to complete all blessing process, practice blessed family tradition and to become model blessed families and make Nakham sub-district become Peaceful community start from family.

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