Home Group in Chile

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FFWPU Chile, Javeir Sierra: The blessed families have meeting every Sunday in downtown Santiago and we share about Home Group, the One by One and the OIKOS witnessing.

Some families are starting to understand how the Home Group dynamics and the practice of the weekly goal work. Also, they are now inviting neighbors and friends to their own Home Groups.

At this time we are all united as blessed families that are loyal to the True Parents, properly aligning our faith and changing our way of witnessing to a new strategy, by means of the Home Group, the One by One, and the OIKOS.

WFWP Chile also is carrying out a serious work in San Antonio’s city. We have held “Pure Love” lectures for students and “Family is the School of Love” lectures for parents during the months of August, September, and October. On December, we will hold a special lecture for teachers.

“Let’s establish a cycle of lectures for students and parents in the school called G-501 Eduardo Fernandez de Asturias, which is located on the Agua Buena Commune, San Antonio. Director Juan Carlos and Mr. Carlos Muñoz were very happy with the good reception of the students that attended the lecture and have asked us to hold a special lecture for their teachers on December 19.”

As blessed families, we will continue promoting the Home Groups, the One by One and the OIKOS. We are all determined to make the best of ourselves to bring victory in the new face of Chile’s providence.

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