Friday Open HoonDokHae Discussion: Why is History Repeating?

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CARP Romania, October 16, 2015: From downtown Bucharest, Romania, positive energy is spreading towards the rest of the city. We feel as if the Peace Center is not just the heart, but represents the spiritual core that can support the people living here, either young or old, atheists or spiritualists, dreamers or programmers, children or parents. As long as we keep our prayerful heart awake, there is a powerful message that needs to be shared.

Last Friday, on the 16th of October 2015, on a chilly weather that challenged our participants, we bravely discussed about the meaning of history, about the reasons of its repetition and how the past influences our way of thinking and lifestyle. Even if “the past is in the past”, it still can spread its tentacles and influence us if we try to disregard it. Just how ancient cultures used it in order to educate their children about who they are, present generations can also benefit from this kind of knowledge.

The text selected included True Father’s words and the opinions from one historian and one novel writer, all offering insight about what we can learn from history and why it has such an interesting “personality”. We included two challenging questions in order to guide the members:

  1. Can you recognize any case of “history repeating” in your own life?
  2. What can humankind learn from history? What can i learn?

The opinions shared were very precious for understanding the value of time: the changes that concern the depths of our mentality take a few generations to be digested and rooted. Laws as well as politics depend on the transformations that take place from one historical period to another, we set up these things as boundaries in order for the mistakes to be avoided or at least better controlled.

The representative of another team stated that we are the generation that makes history for the generations coming, so that we need to shoulder the effort of preparing for a better environment and setting for the next generations.

We tried to understand history also from the point of view of life offering us the chance to make a mends, to fix past mistakes through our different relationships. With sincerity we can admit that the problems we avoid don’t just go away by themselves but they become recurrent until we fix them or somebody from our descendants. So history holds also this understanding concerning responsibility. And we can avoid creating a history of mistakes if we live according to strong and positive life principles.

As a conclusion we can say that history has not taken its direction accidentally. Behind history a great power has worked to decide its direction. In the present age we are the fruit of history and the ancestors of the future so we cannot let time pass in a cheap way. We must cherish and use wisely every moment on this earth remembering to also leave some wisdom behind.

We hope that this meeting and discussion time was useful for everyone, we could feel their sincere hearts and willing desire to discover something new.