France: Workshop for Second Generation Blessed Couples


FFWPU France: On the 25th of October, Blessed Family Dept. directors of France, David and Sylvie Perry organized a Second Generation blessed couples educational workshop and training in the Chamarande area of Paris, France, for several newly blessed and older blessed couples with younger children.

This unique program utilized live presentations given by elder first generation members and also integrated a variety of excellent webinars provided by 2nd generation leaders from America as well which were gleaned from the Blessed Family Department archives.

The topics included the following presentations:

  • Becoming the Person You Were meant to be- On Spiritual Growth and our destiny as 2nd gen couples by David Perry
  • Balancing Work, Family and Spiritual Life- by Micheal and Adonia Henrich-
  • 2nd gen pastors in Denver – and moderated by Edy Martin-Prével.
  • The Power of One- On how one person can change a marriage by Debby Gullery-2nd gen education and author of “Small steps to Bigger Love”
  • Great Sex, Health and Happiness- A humorous and educational seminar on conjugal love given by the 2nd gen leaders of Bridgeport, Lena and Cliff Yasatake
  • It is not about the Money- presented by Patrick MP- On the Spiritual Importance of Tithing and practical aspects of Budgeting and investing for the future.

The couples had time for questions and answers and husbands and wives also had time to share together strategies for change as well as sharing with together in groups.

Excellent musical accompaniment and songs were provided by Guillaume Marion as well as western line and salsa dancing lessons taught by Michel Marmier which had everyone excitedly on their feet after an intense day of lectures.

Sylvie Perry organized and helped prepare all the lunch and served the 2nd generation with her wonderful motherly heart as well.

The highlight of the program was culminated by a beautiful candle inheritance ceremony from True Mother given by the special emissaries to France Dr. No Hi Pak and his gracious wife, Dr. Lan Young Moon, who brought True Parent’s presence and love into the workshop with their warm and loving spirits , wise advice and unforgettable parental heart. All couples were given a beautiful picture of True Parent’s as well and a series of helpful handouts and websites for future couple education.

For those who couldn’t attend, the video seminars can be found here