Ethiopia: A Day of Service for Peace

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UPF Ethiopia, Simon Amare: UPF-Ethiopia with its 9 young peace ambassadors and 6 other guests paid a visit to MUDAY CHARITY ASSOCIATION in Addis Ababa On November 1st, 2015, to accompany them in offering aid and services to people.

Muday is a Non-profitable and non-religious organization in Ethiopia that helps orphans and vulnerable women with their children, who were involve in begging and prostitution lifestyle, to get out of their situation and help them develop self-reliance.

Since our visit comes within the framework of Service for Peace, we invited our peace ambassadors with different religious backgrounds to be part of this action.

The organization carries the name of its founder. Mrs. Muday is an Ethiopian woman who received the urge to carry on her shoulders the burden of vulnerable women and orphans in order to change their lives and destiny by helping them to get out of poverty using the principle: Teach a person how to fish instead of always feeding a person with fish. Muday, herself, is a woman desiring to overcome all obstacles preventing her to succeed in her vocation.

This organization has a school which taking care of kids from Kindergarten to grade 8th for orphans and single-parent children as well as workshop rooms for their mothers and other women.

We went to offer our donations and proposed our services to Muday. Especially TONGIL MOODO martial arts leaders proposed their good will to help the children with tutoring and teaching TONGIL martial art without obstruction.

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And at last, we took a Family photo as a memory of this inspiring and so touching Day of SERVICE FOR PEACE.

We can deduce from Muday Charity Association that if there is a will, there is always a way to realize our dreams and desires. Muday organization exists since more than 15 years and despite all the hardships and obstacles, the Founder never gave up her will to help and empower the destitute women and children with or without any support. She sacrificed not only from her time but also from her possessions to fulfill her responsibilities.

We gave testimony of UPF Founders and their principles for peace such as ONE FAMILY UNDER GOD and LIVING FOR THE SAKE OF OTHERS to bring about reconciliation and healing for a better world. And indeed, Muday has been exemplifying the principle of LIVING FOR THE SAKE OF OTHERS by dedicating her whole life for the sake of needy women and children.

As a TONGIL MOODO leader said it, Muday has taken on her shoulders the burden of our societies. This is so inspiring and we really appreciate her call and works for a better society.

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