DR CONGO: Prayer at the Holy Ground

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By FFWPU DR. Congo: National Leader of DR Congo Rev. Jean Pierre Kadima organized a special prayer meeting from November 13 to 14, 2015 at the Manenga Holy Ground with some second generation members.

The Manenga farm of FFWPU- DR Congo is located at the Eastern part of Kinshasa, 40 km from the national HQ. Rev. Kadima first planned to with 25 members of the Angels’ choir, but 71 showed up. The young unificationnists crossed many obstacles to reach the venue, but they were very glad to stay at the Holy Ground.

Participants held series of prayers, even under the rain. The prayed for national unity and new beginning in true brotherhood and for the fulfillment of tribal messiahship activities. They also visited the cemetery where many brothers and sisters have been buried, the farm plantations as well as the traditional chief of the village. The children have really enjoyed this experience and are willing to renew it. Those who didn’t go are also eager to join the next trip.

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