CAMEROON: 3-Day Divine Principle Seminar for Ambassadors for Peace

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By FFWPU Cameroon: A three day seminar on the Divine Principle was held at the Tiko council hall in Tiko in the South West region of Cameroon from November 12 to 14, 2015. We had 18 participants including two magistrates attended.

This seminar was organized by the club of the Ambassadors for Peace and was coordinated by Mrs. Rose Nkamgoh, Secretary General of UPF South West region and supervised Rev. Innocent Fongoh, UPF national Secretary General.

On the first day, the participants were given a general introduction on the Unification Movement and its teachings. This was followed by the Principle of Creation and the Human Fall presented by Rev. Innocent Fongoh. Mrs. Rose Nkamgoh provided songs and words of wisdom that encouraged the participants.

On the second day, they followed the Eschatology and an Introduction to the Providence of Restoration lectured by Mr. John Tazifor who is the leader of the Southwest region.

On the third day, the workshop participants learned about the mission of Jesus and the Second Coming with Rev. Innocent Fongoh. He made them understand the necessity of True Parents and the value of the Divine Principle which they must study in detail as well as the necessity to meet the Messiah and have their original sin removed so that they can be restored and fulfill the ideal of creation that they learnt on the first day.

The seminar ended with a general feeling of satisfaction from everyone. The participants were motivated to bring their family members and asked for another seminar to be arranged in the near future.

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