Cultural Night “Russia-Japan”

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By FFWPU Russia:

Leaders’ Meeting

On October 23-25, Russian Regional leaders’ meeting was held in Moscow, Russia. This leaders’ meeting was held soon after 21-day Leadership Training Workshop in Korea Cheong Pyeong where participants received a lot of grace, especially from True Mother.

Northeast Regional President proposed new system for Russia where activities are more focused on regions. Main purpose of this change is to empower regions and bring substantial result for True Parents and Vision 2020.

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Leaders from Moscow, Northwest, Volga, Ural and Siberia, Far East regions of Russia participated. Rev. Jin Hwa Chung, president of Northeast region, led the meeting.

Russian regional leaders will take more responsibility for development of different aspects of our Movement including NGO, Blessed Families education, and Second Generation education. Leaders discussed how to become self-sufficient financially, including developing business.

More attention will be paid to front-line witnessing and fundraising activity in Russia. Discussions touched the matter of involving Blessed Central Families on front-line activities and Home Group development. At the end of Leaders’ Meeting, leader of Ural and Siberia region Alexander Timofeev gave lecture on home groups activities and result in his region.

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Women’s Federation for World Peace: Charity program for disabled children

On August 28, Women’s Federation of Moscow and the children’s ensemble “Angels of Peace” took part in a charity program for disabled children in a Rehabilitation center “Kentavr”. 70 people took part in this event.

It was a Children’s Day of knowledge when children already start preparation for school. All the neighborhood children were also invited to take part in this event so that disabled children would not feel isolated. “Angels of Peace” could really bring joy to children and their parents through their singing and dancing.

The director of the Rehabilitation center told us that she was grateful for such cooperation because looking at the Angels of Peace performance disabled children could be inspired to try to achieve better results in life and take after the “Angels of Peace”.

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Cultural night “Russia-Japan”

On September 27, Women’s Federation of Moscow in cooperation with WFWP of Japan held a Cultural night “Russia-Japan”. The purpose was to express gratitude to Japanese women who have been working so hard in particular to support WFWP programs in Northeast Region countries. Around 40 people took part in this night. It was a very deep and heartistic program which helped us to feel much close to each other. Russian and Japanese women deeply realized that they are working together with one heart. Japanese guests were very moved by the cultural program prepared by VIP guests and members of WFWP of Russia.

Representatives of WFWP Japan could also pass their donation to the Children’s Charity Fond “Believe in your dream” that they have been supporting for several years. They also brought some award for Russian disabled children who took part in the International drawing contest in Japan. At the end of the program all Russian and Japanese women were happily dancing together.

Concert on the International Senior’s Day

On October 1 Women’s Federation for World Peace of Moscow took part in concert for elder people on the International Senior’s Day. It was a concert in the Council of War Veterans. The main theme of this event was heart to heart relationship. About 15 people participated. It is very important to bring joy and to support elderly people and war veterans so that they can have more hope for the future.