Indonesia: Christian Revival Seminar and Family Blessing

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Pentecostal Church, Wusa-Manado, Indonesia

November 21-22, 2015


By UPF – FFWPU Indonesia, Alfred R. Forno: This 2-day Christian Revival Seminar and Blessing Ceremony was organized by a pastor’s couple, who completed the 3-day ceremony, in their own church in a village outside Manado city. The seminar focused on the Principle of Creation, the Human Fall and Restoration through the Blessing.

On the first day, 43 people participated in this program, mostly members of the Pentecostal Church in Indonesia (GPdI) Wusa, Manado and a few from other Christian denominations.

The participants were inspired by the lectures and gave positive reflections. On the 2nd day, the Blessing Ceremony was combined with the local Sunday Service and approximately 100 people attended the program. 9 couples received the Blessing from God and True Parents.

The pastor’s couple were motivated by the program to conduct another larger Blessing with 300 participants on the occasion of their church’s anniversary on 12 Feb. 2016 with more preparation and spiritual conditions like fasting.

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Ernes Kaunang, Employee: “I am very happy about today’s seminar and am grateful that this seminar truly stimulates our awareness of building a true family. I want to make the determination to practice true love and to bring change in this life. Thank you that this seminar motivates our spiritual life to get closer to God.”

Meyti Sajangbati, Housewife: “This seminar can really help us to recognize our spirituality. This seminar is very good. I hope that this kind of seminar will be conducted again and that many more people could come so that they may get closer to God’s heart.”

Ketty Ticoalu, Employee: “This seminar is very, very good for my individual self and also for families. I am determined to practice true love in the family. You are doing great, so please keep it up forever – Amen.”

Milda Kaluwulang, Employee: “Very good and can help us understand and gain knowledge on spirituality. I hope this seminar can be conducted again for many more people to come and repent and get closer to God.”

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