Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival in Muang, Thailand

3 Day Divine Principle Seminar and Tribal Messiah Blessing at Prachuab Kirikhan province with full support of government budget and mobilization


By FFWPU Thailand, Kamol Thananopavarn, November 7, 2015:  From the success of 77 province UPF Peace Seminar Tour at Provincial Capital Hall nationwide at Prachuab Kirikhan provincial hall; Mr. Sanae Sritong-on, Tribal Messiah, continue to follow up and propose proposal to government. Finally, Mrs. Pannudda Wongphum, director of provincial social development and human security department and Provincial Governor of Prachuab Kirikhan, agree to co-operate with FFWPU to hold 3 days Divine Principle workshop and blessing ceremony with full support both budget and mobilization because they agree with vision of UPF and FFWPU that put family as cornerstone to create peace in society.

There were 200 people participate 3 days workshop from 6-8 November 2015 and 150 couples participate Blessing on 7 November 2015 at Golden Beach Hotel at Prachuab Kirikhan city at the beautiful beach front of the city. All participants felt so inspired and grateful to TP’s teaching on family including Muslim couples and they cooperated with all activities. They felt so deep happiness with tears that their wife-husband relationship has been revived, united, more closed and happier.

On November 2015, the chairman of Blessing ceremony is Dr. Thavee Naritsirikul, governor of Prachuab Kirikhan province with full co-operation of Provincial social development and human security of Prachuab Kirikhan. The relgious leaders are the most prominent figures, such as the Chief of monk of Prachuab Kirikhan city, Chairman of Central Islamic Committee of Prachuab Kirikhan province and the Bishop of Prachuab Kirikhan Roman Catholic church.

Everybody including government leaders religious leaders, Buddhist couples Muslim couples felt so deep impression and happiness that their marriage had been revived and feel so much love in their marriage and family. The director of provincial social development and human security was crying with tears when she thought about her husband who she had divorced long time ago. The Muslim leader felt so moved and touched and feel so grateful to FFWPU that many Muslim can participate this Blessing ceremony.

God’s providence centering on Tribal Messiah mission had settle down at Prachuab Kirikhan province and it will be expanded tremendously in near future.