Belgium: Seminar on Life on Earth and in the Spirit World


By FFWPU Belgium, Yvo & Marietta Bruffaerts: The Belgian Blessed Family Department of FFWPU Belgium organized a seminar with English brother Philip Hill in the Brussels HQ on November 7 and 8, 2015. A captive audience of 44 brothers, sisters and guests from Belgium, Luxemburg and France, were listening to his inspiring words.

Philip Hill gave a lecture about the spirit world for 3 hours, followed by a question and answer session. He was speaking about the link between our life on earth and in the spirit world. Also the influence spirit persons, both good and bad, have on our life on earth and how dependent they are on us for their growth.

The importance of the providence in Cheong Pyeong, the liberation of our ancestors and the consequences thereof were well explained.

Philip Hill has the gift of reassuring us, by reminding us of sometimes surprisingly simple remedies, all in tune with the Divine Principle, True Parents and Jesus. All solutions boil down to the alfa and omega of our existence and our being: true love, living for the sake of the others.

Belonging to True Parents lineage, being members or blessed families, we do not need to merely undergo spiritual influences. We can mobilize our blessed ancestors to participate in the providence both on earth and in the spirit world.

Many brothers and sisters had an individual, couples or family reading and expressed their gratitude for the insights they could gain in their situation.

We are grateful for Philip’s investment in the seminar he gave in Brussels. He considers it as his major mission to help our brothers and sisters.