ANGOLA: The Consequences of Sexual Revolution exposed to Youth

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By FFWPU Angola: The YFWP in Angola together with the FFWPU is continuing the series of workshop on Civic and Moral Values Rescue among the Youth. On November 11, 2015 in the morning, they held an educational activity entitled “The Consequences of Sexual Revolution” with 50 young people at the national HQ of FFWPU in Luanda.

The MC was Jeronimo Liba, Executive Secretary of FFWPU- Angola, and the main lecturer was again Gilberto João Evangelista, Director of Education Department.

The young participants came from different schools. They followed carefully the lecture. They also interact with the lecturer. During the activity there was a time for entertainment where Young Ambassador for Peace Peterson Barbosa gave a poetry performance.     Twelve participants were also appointed Young Ambassadors for Peace. At the closing section, participants engaged in friendly sharing. On December 5, 2015 another one day workshop will be held on “The Universal Principles and the Goals of Life”.

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