Blessed Families in Kazakhstan

ner-oct (23)

By FFWPU Kazakhstan: We continue with our educational clubs. On Thursdays and Sundays every week, we have Divine Principle lecture as especially young people are very enthusiastic about the content of True Parents teaching..

Also we have the English club. Our Ambassador for Peace, Lamin Bangura, offers to us weekly free English lessons. His lessons are very creative and interesting.

At Sunday services this month, our national leader conveyed information about his 21-day workshop in Korea. Our members could inherit a lot of good experience. Also, we attended a Jewish education program for families. It was very touching and we could see a lot of similarities.

Our goal is to raise pioneers, although our country is only in the beginning now. One thing we know for sure is that the standard of our fulltime members should be still higher.

This time we invested more in  going out three 3 times a week for witnessing and fundraising so that the pioneers could meet God on the frontline.

Each member every day does whole day DP lecture training in order to connect better with God’s words, purify spiritual world, improve knowledge and lecture giving skills. Members follow example of Rev. Hyo Won Yu as he lectured under direction of True Father. They received deep realizations through this activity.