Thailand: Divine Principle Workshop Based on Experiential Learning

By FFWPU Thailand, Kamol Thananoppavern: A Divine Principle workshop for the second generations (Senior High School & University Age Group) held on October 10-16, 2015 in Khaoyai National Park, Saraburi Thailand. This is the first 2nd Generation workshop in history of Thailand in the style that focus on experiential learning and transformation of original mind and meeting with God which take full ownership by CARP Thailand. There were 26 second generation in the age group of Senior high and University & 22 first generation CARP members as staff. This workshop is focus on not only Divine Principle lecture but how to let participants can experience the ideal of God’s creation such as beauty of created nature, true love, core value, heart of true brothers sisters, one big human family, unity & team work, heart of filial piety, heart of longing and suffering of God & discover their identity as God’s child.

CARP Thailand has learned and inherited this style of workshop from Kyushu bloc of CARP Japan since 2005. This style of workshop can open original mind of participants and prepare fertile atmosphere for them to discover their identity and meet God as their parent. It needs a lot of staff to support all activities such as team building, nature voice, service activities, unity ball, mini-Olympic, foot baptism. One of the most important activity in every night is 1-1 coaching to open original mind and nurture second generation to seek their value and identity.

In the past, teenager second generations always felt so boring and lack of interest to join 2nd Generation Divine Principle workshop (but forced by their parents to join) which just only focus on lecture with some games for relax. It was so difficult to open their heart and transform them to have life-changing experience to take ownership in God’s providence. Nevertheless, this new style of workshop was so successful more than expectation. Almost every second generation were transformed, shed tears, feel the deep happiness and be able to understand their 2nd generation identity from their heart. The lecturer and 1st Generation staff felt so amazed in the potential of second generation “how wonderful of 2nd generation original mind that come from God”.

One of the high light after the foundation of many shimjung activities was foot baptism. Second Generation felt so deep heart how elder CARP members try to protect, support and raise them up as how God and TP tries to raise them up. At the end, they experience pledge service, HDH, morning guidance at the beautiful nature on top of mountain at 5 AM and long prayer condition of repentance, discover themselves as God’s child and determination for future life of faith. Then, they go out for fundraising.

There were some great testimonies from first two second generation who have become center members of CARP center and one of them just come back from Asian TOP GUN workshop.

All lectures, guidance, testimonies and challenging activities created in workshop really can raise up second generation successfully. Some 18 years old second generations expressed with tears how they discover their value as God’s child in workshop and promise to become center members in CARP center in Bangkok when they move to study University in Bangkok. Tears of gratitude and proud in their parents who give birth to them as blessed family come out from their eyes.

The great turning point of new history of 2nd Generation in Thailand has started from this workshop. Now many second generations feel CARP center as their home, they are grouping together in good team work with strong sense of ownership as never happen before to train themselves to become staff, MC and lecturer of Divine Principle workshop and want to be core staff of 2nd generation workshop and call other second generations who not yet join this style of workshop to come to participate. They started to discuss of how to bring back second generations who many years never connect to church to come back or even to bring back the one who their parents’ divorce or left church to come back.

Many second generation begin to think how can they take ownership in God’s providence, especially mission of witnessing, how to raise up themselves to become CARP leaders in the near future or how to be chosen to study UPA and become missionaries. This kind of atmosphere start to become the mainstream of second generation in Thailand as never happen before.

I can see great hope and bright future of UM Thailand and all blessed families in Thailand when second generation teenagers of 6,500 couples 1,275 couples and 30,000 couples start to take ownership in their own faith. So, the 360,000 couples 2nd generation and younger age group will have great model to mentor & guide them and blessed parents will have conviction to fulfill ideal of 3 great kingship and doing Tribal Messiah. Thanks for hard work and sacrifice of second generation department and CARP Thailand who not only work as lecturers and staff but to support a big budget for workshop.

I would like to offer the success of this great turn point 2nd generation workshop to True Parents who always love us and prepare all foundations for us to build ideal family and transform our nation and world to become Cheon Il Guk.