Zambia: Two-Day Seminar for Ambassadors for Peace

By UPF Zambia, Fabrice Djimadoum: UPF Zambia held a 2-day seminar for Ambassadors for Peace and new guests from September 29 to 30, 2015 at HQ House, Barlastone in Lusaka. Twenty (25) participants composed of pastors, academicians, NGO leaders, UPF Zambia Chairman, Gen. Malimba Nathaniel Masheke and from Malawi.

The MC, UPF Secretary General, Rev. Rudolf Faerber introduced the importance of the seminar. The lectures were based on Rev. Moon’s teachings, The Divine Principle were given by Rev. Mwalagho Kililo, East Africa sub regional Director.

In the first day, Rev. Kililo gave three (3) presentations: Introduction to the Divine Principle, Universal Principles and the Root of Evil. In his presentations he emphasized on the 3 great blessings and misuse of love as the cause of human sufferings. At the end of each presentation, participants had a very positive interactions.

In the second day, Rev. Kililo gave the first presentation on the “Purpose of the Messiah” which has moved participants with a long and constructive debates. Later participants watched a video on Rev. Moon’s life course.

The second presentation of the day was on “Who is Rev. Rev. Sun Myung Moon? A Champion in 7 Arenas”. And the last presentation was on “the Unification Perspective on Marriage, A means of creating a Healthy and Ideal Society”.

There were two closing remarks: The first remarks is from Rev. Rudolf Faerber, UPF Zambia Secretary General who encouraged each participate to become messiahs in their families, in their communities and their nations by saving them. The second remarks was given by Mr. Asafu Phiri, National Coordinator of Families are Nations. He encouraged his fellow participants to disseminate the message.

The purpose of the seminar is for the Ambassadors for Peace to study further on Divine Principle and renew their marriages as the way to save their families. At the end, participants sang together “Amazing Grace”.