Zambia: Divine Principle Workshop for Second Generations

FFWPU Zambia: We held a 2-day workshop for second generation on October 3-4, 2015 at Barlastone Training Centre, Lusaka. A total of 19 second generation members with the age ranged from 17-29 years old.

The aim of the workshop was to prepare the second generation for church responsibilities as well as the Blessing.

The topics were based on 3 aspects: Divine Principle (Chapter I and Chapter II), True Father’s Course and The Blessing.

Participants during lectures were able to have an interaction with the lecturer.

All lecturers were given by Rev. M. Kililo – Director of Blessing Department for East Africa Region.

On the last day the lecture on the Blessing was attended by Parents who also asked questions about the Blessing and Divine Principle. Reverend Kililo gave clear explanations to the satisfaction of the second generation and the parents.

The closing remarks were given by Rev. R. Faerber, Zambia’s National Leader who encouraged the second generation and urged them to prepare themselves for big responsibilities in the church.