A Revival of the Blessed Families in Lithuania

Dr. Oyamada_GroupFFWPU Lithuania, Akira Nakamura: Beautiful autumn season are quickly passing on in Baltic, Lithuania. We have few significance events was hold in October at once. First Special Emissary to Northeast Region Dr. Oyamada and his assistant, they are first visitation to Baltic nations arrival in Lithuania on 7th Oct. Dr. Oyamada one of elder leader of Japan 43 couple blessing who assigned by True Parents to help Northeast Region beside his original mission to Great China Region as Special Emissary.

Dr. Oyamada Speech

On 9th we held Blessed families meeting at City Gate Hotel in Vilnius, total about 40 people included 2nd generation came to attend Dr. Oyamada Blessed families were received his guidance with his personal testimony. He spoke about how important to us to inherit True Parents tradition toward Vision 2020. On his testimony saying he felt true mother has more than his own mother’s heart True mother thinking all mankind as considering own her children. He is very much heartistically expressed True mother’s currant heart and situation we must unite with True Parents in this days.

After Dr. Oyamada moved to Latvia, Riga. On 11th there also held Sunday Service attend around 40 people and on 13th Estonia, Tallinn to meet and give guidance to blessed families in Baltic nations.



Secondly, Director Rev. Yong JinHan and Mr. Motoyama Katsuyoshi, of the Education Support Department of FFWPU International Headquarters came to Lithuania. We held 2-Day Special Seminar on 17th and 18th of October. From all Baltics bless families attend during two days around 50 people received education. The Contents were “True Mothers course and her historical back ground” and at Sunday Service Rev. Yong gave sermon “God’s Attribution” how we can resemble of Heavenly Parents and True Parents ourselves. The end of seminar there was discussions regarding “Church Development” according to questioner he asked to local members to fill in our church situation and their request. According to Analysis of result he gave guidance what we need improve our church activity in the nation. Mr. Motoyama speak onto Blessed families parents about “How to educate 2nd Generation and purpose of education” many parents were very much inspired to listen elder blessed 2nd generation testimony how he grown up and his special environment.

IMG_5644 IMG_5678

Members’ testimony “We are so moved by Rev. Yong’s parents heart to speak all the contents” “How great to receive such a experienced lecturer speaking about God’s attributions, we must resemble of God.” “Now we understand how important of Tribal Messiahship activity!”.

We were so grateful to received True Parents grace and blessing we just had 10th Anniversary of True Parents world tour first visit to Lithuania since 2005 same time. Thank you very much True Parents all the blessing was given upon to us!