With Blessed Families in Liberia

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Internal Guidance workshop for 1st and 2nd Gen. Children

A 2nd Generation and Jacobs children one day Divine Principle and internal guidance workshop was held on Saturday October 10, 2015 at Duport Chapel in Paynesville with 35 participants. The theme was “Devotion and life of faith”. It was an inspirational workshop with all participants repenting and expressing their determination for a new start. The participants also received certificates of attendance at the end. President of FFWPU Liberia Rev. Pamela Moore Mwanga and Pastor McCarthy Teayah were education the participants during this period.

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Induction of Home Group Pastors     

On October18, 2015, the five Home Group Pastors who were elected by their various home groups were inducted. This ceremony was held at the Duport Road Chapel in Paynesville during Sunday service. After hosting two different workshops with blessed couples on Home Group, twenty couples joined the home group activities. The twenty couples were divided into five home groups with four couples in each group. Each home group elected one family to represent them as the Home Group Pastor. On 18, October, 2015 they were inducted as Pastors. National Leader Rev. Pamela Moore Mwanga gave a sermon on Home Group Providence before the induction of the new Pastors.

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Divine Principle Workshop with Christian Pastors            

On Saturday October 17, 2015, a one day Divine Principle workshop for Christian Pastors was held at the Duport Road Chapel in Paynesville with six participants. The workshop for Christian Pastors was very successful. Some of the pastors indicated that they had negative thoughts about the Unification Church and its founder. However, after listening to the Divine Principle, they were surprised and inspired and promised to invite other pastors to the next one. One of the pastors, Pastor Christopher Lingna testified that he has been searching and asking so many questions and finally got answers through the Divine Principle, especially the Fall of Man. FFWPU in Liberia are planning to hold a three day DP workshop for those pastors who already attended the one day workshop. Those pastors are calling for the three day workshop to be held very soon.

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