USA: ‎2015 Parliament of Religions

FFWPU USA, Michael Balcomb, October 17 2015: At the ‪2015 Parliament of Religions in Salt Lake City. The past few days have been encouraging experience. In addition to many church family members who came to attend, at their own expense, there are so many Ambassadors for Peace and other friends.

We must have met at least 100 religious and community leaders from many countries who recall meeting with True Parents, hearing Father or Mother speak, or in some cases eating a meal together.

We’ve shared with them how True Mother is leading the movement forward, and the Holy Scriptures display has attracted particular interest. All in all True Parents spirit and foundation and the effort they made to embrace people of all faiths is everywhere.

Salt Lake City pastors Mike and Wendy Stovall are doing a great job and have a strong local foundation: she is Secretary of the Salt Lake Interfaith Roundtable.

Some of our beautiful 2nd Generation youth will sing Sunday evening at the Mormon Temple. LDS President Clayton invited everyone to attend.