Tribal Messiahship in Los Angeles

By FFWPU USA, October 13, 2015: The following message on Tribal Messiahship (building one’s personal ministry) was given by Mrs. Naoko Hiraki at the FFWPU National Leaders’ Conference in Las Vegas in September, 2015.

First of all, I’d like to express my gratitude to Heavenly Parents, True Parents, Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, Dr. Michael Balcomb, and especially my local leader, Pastor George Kazakos, and Reverend and Mrs. Inose. Without Dr. Kim, we wouldn’t connect to True Parents’ heart, and also without Pastor George, I couldn’t do my missionary work. Thank you so much.

Los Angeles Kodan decided to work together on their Tribal Messiahship. We gathered together as 68 families, totaling over 1,000 people, and then we counted who were already in our tribe. We counted our physical sons and daughters, and then our spiritual sons and daughters (those who’ve met the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification through us). Every family counted. Until June 30th, we tried to count. Then, until August 30th, we determined to make at least one tribe together with 68 families. With Dr. Kim’s leadership, we made it.

What was our motivation? I went to Korea for the second anniversary of True Father’s ascension last year. After that, I had the chance to attend the World Leaders’ Summit. At that time, I heard testimonies from Unificationists in Asia, and was struck by the testimony of Mrs. In from Korea. She had been reaching out to one person at a time for a long time. She took care of her spiritual children, then was married and had son and daughters of her own. So she had a big community; she was taking cafe of her spiritual and physical sons and daughters. She had a real tribe.

I was shocked, because her whole life, she’d been doing this. I felt that I also should have been doing this. Then I heard the testimonies from Unificationists in the Philippines, Thailand and Nepal. They really believe that if in their country even if 12 families could establish 430 couples together as a Heavenly Tribal Messiahship, then their country will move and they can make Cheon I Guk (God’s Kingdom) real in this country. They believe in that strongly. I was shocked.

If I can believe in starting Tribal Messiahship strongly in this country, we can build Cheon Il Guk here in America, I thought. I really wanted to do that. Then I came back to Los Angeles and reported to all the Kodan brothers and sisters in Japanese. They were so inspired. I teamed up with the Kodan leaders. We had 13 leaders altogether, and we dedicated ourselves to do pursue Tribal Messiahship until the next anniversary of True Father’s ascension. It helped to know we could work together as a group.

True Mother told us many times that it’s difficult to work as just one person. As just one family, it’s difficult to find 430 couples. She has told us we can do it as a group, or as a church. We can make it together. So I spoke to Kodan in Los Angeles, and they decided to really do that.

Each Kodan chapter has 5-10 families. I went to each chapter to share this message, and they made the same standard and started counting their spiritual sons and daughters. Some people were looking for their spiritual children from years ago, because they had not seen each other in a long time.

One brother went to Africa for 40 days of missionary work. At that time, he introduced three new spiritual children to the Divine Principle. Another time, while we were counting, we found that one Kodan member’s spiritual son had 100 spiritual sons and daughters in Africa. Then one sister who at first couldn’t work with us in college witnessing because she had work, determined herself to witness anyway. As often as she could, she came to the college and worked together with us, and soon she met one student. Now they’re reading Divine Principle together. So there are a lot of good experiences coming up.

True Parents lived in American for 40 years, loving and investing in America. True Parents wanted the best from America, which is in the position of the elder son nation, so we have to build Cheon Il Guk here quickly. True Mother told this to us strongly, but behind True Mother’s word, I saw lots of tears in her heart. I really want to make this nation number one in building Cheon Il Guk. We don’t have enough time, only five years, until 2020. So I really wanted to focus on Tribal Messiahship, even symbolically. If one tribe is set up, then determined people will join, even families. That’s the kind of thinking we had.