Tribal Messiahs in Hungary

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FFWPU Hungary, October 20, 2015: The Blessed Couples based on their skills, interest or professions do witnessing outreach and developed tribal messiah activities. The Sos couple made outreach to Christian families through “mother-baby club”. They were building up close friendships to Christian families who have similar situations to deal with small children. Those families heard already the Divine Principle lectures and about True Parents as well.

The Kozma couple made outreach through introducing the Korean culture and those who came for the cultural program were invited for Divine Principle workshop. Already four guests completed the weekend workshop.

Mrs. Ibolya Gorzo does witnessing on the street and teaches the Divine Principle on the street or invites people to the church center. Last week she could held already Blessing workshop to four of her guests who completed to listen all part of Divine Principle .

Mr. Laszlo Jager, private English teacher, he is inviting his students for weekend workshop where he is introducing the Divine Principle and the work of True Parents. Since summertime he made already three times weekend workshops, usually 7-10 participants attend such workshops.

The outreach by True Father autobiography is also going on. The 6th edition of the book was printed last week. Mrs. Katalin Cser distributed nearby 700 books to their neighborhood. In this moment Katalin is the one who distributed the most number of copies from the book here in Hungary.

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The Zahora Couple is doing outreach to the Philippine communities and to the neighborhood and inviting them to their house. And during those home meetings they introduce our movement and its Founders and offering the autobiography of True Father.

The Sturm couple likes running and the sports generally. So they created a running team of 11 people and asked them to “Run for Peace”. The purpose of running was to introduce True Parent’s work for peace and connect them to the “Peace Road initiative”. The runners got the autobiography of True Father as well and from the beginning it was clear that they will run to honor True Parents efforts for peace.

Drog and Aids prevention: Mr. Ferenc Bajor offers Drog and Aids prevention lectures in Middle Schools. The teachers and the pupils are always very grateful to him. He has very good sense to teach this age of children and touch their hearts. Also on the last HARP day he was asked by the second generation children to introduce to them this program as well. After his lecture second generation had a sharing and discussion how to deal with this serious issue in a daily life, and how to communicate the “NO” answer to their friends and classmates.

UPF Hungary: In the last one and half month there was evening lectures where the UPF was introduced and the guests and members were sharing their hearts and thoughts. In the Peace Embassy there was two events, one is to commemorate True Father 3rd Seonghwa and there was a mini-conference about the issue on migration. There were four speakers who shared their views in this issue and afterword there was an open discussion among the participants.

And we did:

  • Helping the migrants on the border by Zeqo couple
  • Small group gatherings
  • Cultural Programs in Peace Embassy
  • Leaders meeting for small group leaders
  • Community building
  • National Leader couple visit church communities