The Role of Ambassadors for Peace and Social Workers in Building Good Societies

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By UPF Nepal, Robert Kittel, Oct. 17, 2015:

  • 72 participants attended; more than half were new guests. They were social workers personally invited by Dr. Basnet (see below).
  • 10 media-persons (TV and radio) attended and Dr. Basnet was interviewed after the program.
  • A Second Generation couple (American/Korean) gave a special lecturer on “How to See Sex Right.”
  • Event Chairman: Dr. Hom B. Basnet, the UPF District Peace Council Chairman, who gave a presentation on positive thinking.
  • Venue: Chitwan, Nepal.
  • Date: October 17, 2015.


Executive Summary

This program featured a Second Generation, American/Korean couple — Sammy and Yigyu Uyama. Sammy introduced their couple and she gave a special lecturer on “How to See Sex Right.” Yigyu graduated from Sun Moon University (SMU) in Korea, Department of Pure Love, and used her training at SMU to share True Parents unique concepts about conjugal love being the origin of love, life, lineage and conscience.

Following this Dr. Basnet spoke about Father Moon’s vision of an ideal world and the need to always be grateful. Dr. Robert Kittel then gave an overview of UPF’s Principles of Peace.

Almost every UPF event in Nepal is covered in the media—be it through local, national, regional and even internationally news outlets. Programs draw media attention for a number of reasons: 1) local, high-profile AFP help organize the program and invite guests, 2) the themes are relevant as they seeks to solve real social issues, and 3) the UPF-Nepal Chairman, Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal, is a current, MP.

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