The German Family Federation participates in the Stuttgart ‚Demo für Alle’ (Demo for All)

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For marriage and family-against the early sexualization of our children


By FFWPU Germany, Stuttgart, Germany, October 11, 2015: A good 30 members of the German Family Federation participated in the Demo füralle that started off at the Schiller place in Stuttgart and ended on the steps of the City Theatre. There were not only members of the Stuttgart Family Federation in attendance, but some had travelled from Giessen, Frankfurt, Munich and even from Hamburg.

Special mention should be made of Rev. Paul An and Dieter Schmidt and a group of CARPies who came directly from their workshop in the Neumühle seminar centre to support the demo.

A record-breaking total of 5350 men, women and children of all ages participated in the demo.

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The speakers were well-known personalities such as the publisher Gabriele Kuby and of course, Hedwig von Beverfoerde who moderated the programme. He now wishes to engage himself full-time in the demo für alle. But there were also speakers from neighbouring countries: Poland, France, Italy and Austria. Of interest was the speech given by a young man named Marcel, member of the ‘Bruderschaft des Weges’ (brotherhood of the way), a group of homosexually inclined men who are deeply unhappy with their emotional situation and working to find the way to heterosexuality.

There were about 400 opposing demonstrators, mainly from the Grüne Jugend (green youth), Jusos (young socialists) and Antifa (ant-fascists), who attempted to disrupt the demonstration by shouting and throwing missiles made of mud and chestnuts, but who were held back by the police.

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