Testimonies of Special Workshop for Heavenly Tribal Messiahship in East Africa

By FFWPU East Africa, Lusaka, Zambia October 20-21, 2015: we held a 2-day special Workshop on Heavenly Tribal Messiaship from October 20th to 21st, 2015 at Baralastone Training Centre, Lusaka in Zambia. Here are some reflection:


FFWPU South Africa, President: The teaching made it clear how go forward by changing the nation and saving the family. I regret. I could not understand True Parents teaching better and how to find a way forward. I was stuck in my old ways, now I have found the way forward, through this workshop. I hope and pray that I can find quickly families to embrace and give the blessing, not only in Zambia, but everywhere. It has to begin somewhere, but it will spread. I need to proclaim True Parents to the families through Heavenly Tribal Messiah activities. National leader of Zambia

The workshop was an eye opener for me. Truly, I could understand how to accomplish my tribal Messiah mission, through the 8 stages from servant of servants to God’s level. I need to find means to hold interfaith blessing festivals. I will be as a leader at the fore front to carry out my tribal messiah mission. Moreover, I understand that my marriage is of no use if I don’t extend it to my tribe and nation. National Leader of Malawi

Thanks to Heavenly Parent and True Parents for this rare opportunity to attend this special workshop. Dr. Yong and Rev. Julius came to share with us on how to bring victory in tribal messiahship. The lectures were enlightening, informative and deeply spiritual.

The conditions of Hoon Dok Hae and motivation of devotion that the Philippines members have maintained over a period of time have made an impression on me. What Dr. Yong shared about the way to fulfill the tribal mission through 8 stages of restoration made lot of sense to me. His explanation based on True Father’s words made doing tribal messiah activities a very easy concept that is easily achievable. I truly believe that we restore a Cheon Il Guk nation before 2020 if we can unite. There is no time and space to go into details of the workshop contents, but I am sure one thing the workshop was really amazing.

Jacqueline Mufasa: I am thankful to Heavenly Parent and True Parents, to Dr. Yong and Rev. Julius for giving me insight about my responsibility as a tribal messiah. Truly the content of the workshop has helped me understand clearly what I have to do to inspire Heavenly Parent. I have been renewed in spirit; I can now fully understand my responsibility; l have made a greater determination to fulfill my tribal messiah mission. There is no excuse I must accomplish my mission, no matter what. I am determined to march forward and fulfill my mission as heavenly tribal messiah in order to liberate the heart of Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

Erick Mutewa: Deep down in my heart, I express gratitude to God and True Parents for sending the Asian leaders to this nation of Zambia. They came to teach us how to restore the nation which is the key to realizing Cheon IL Guk. My hope is with determination and unity we can victory. Challenges may come on the way, but if have faith we will overcome the challenges.

I believe this nation can be restored by 2020. I also believe that the providence of reaching to 430 couples can solve all the problems the world has been experiencing, such as racism, nationalism, tribalism and fallen nature. If we put love at the center the entire East Africa Region can be restored within the period of 4 to 5 years.

Eunice Sanfo: Become a Tribal Messiah is the solution to everything. I have had so many questions which I could not find the answers. I kept on wondering why so much suffering or challenges in my life? Now I understand. It is because of failure to understand True Parents teachings and words. From now on, I am committed to liberate the heart of heavenly and True Parents by doing tribal messiah activities. I want my happiness, but Heavenly Parent and True Parents are not completely happy until all their children are restored. I beg Heaven’s forgiveness. I was ignorant, but now I can see clearly. From now on, I will sincerely participate in the work of making Zambia a Cheon Il Guk nation. I am truly grateful for this.

Joshua Ndhsoyo: As member of the Family Federation for the 11 years, I would like to express my heart felt gratitude to my True Mother. The reason for this deep gratitude to my True Mother is the fact that see sent Dr. Yong and Rev. Julius to teach me how to fulfill my mission as a tribal messiah.

Odette Kunda: Even I did not have enough money for transportation to go to the workshop, I had a strong desire to attend. my strong desire to attend the workshop inspired Heavenly Parent to inspire someone who provided money for my transport. The worship truly helped understand that it is time for me to liberate Heavenly and True Parents’ heart by fulfilling my tribal messiah mission.

Fabrice: Through these special 2 day workshop, I came to realize that the only way to find freedom is through tribal messiah activities. I will do everything to comfort Heavenly Parent and True Parents by restoring my tribe and the nation.

Pastor Siliyah Phiri, Overseer of Gospel Messengers Ministries: I would like to thank True Mother for her support of the tribal messiah program in Zambia. May the lord our God bless her for the parental heart she has shown. I have learned a lot in this program and I am very interested to be part of the heavenly tribal messiah providence. I have known the power that comes from the blessing. As a church, we will achieve 430 couples and many more.

Peggy Nyendwa Bassole: It is so difficult for me to say much. Because I feel so overwhelmed and judged at the same time, but I am encouraged and awakened to do more for Heavenly Parent and True Parents. For many years, I have been wondering about how can I work for the providence again. I have been also wondering about how to solve the enormous problems and difficulties that I have been facing in life. I have tried everything within the human efforts and power. I have fasted, prayed. Tithed, liberated ancestors and son on, but nothing worked. But now, though this workshop, I have come to realize that all these problems can be overcome though tribal messiah activities.

Moses Mulubwa: Even though I have studied about tribal messiahship, I was unable to fulfill it. I was not convinced, before I came to this workshop, that I can fulfill the 430 couples blessing. It seemed to be a long term project and difficult to achieve. After attending the workshop my attitude changed completely. Now, I know I can fulfill the 430 blessing in a short term. My resolution is to fulfill my tribal messiah mission by February 2016.

Feliciano Louis Torres Posso: Before attending this workshop, I did not believe that it was possible to accomplish the vision 2020. That is to establish a Cheon Il Guk nation. But after attending the 2 day workshop in Zambia, I realized that is possible and easy to establish the nation of Cheon Il Guk by 2020.

In addition, now I understand clearly the meaning and the importance of tribal messiah. I feel new energy rising within me. I believe that I have enough power to make my country, Mozambique, into a Cheon Il Guk nation. I am determined to fulfill my goal of blessing 430 couples by February 2016.

FFWPU Zimbabwe, President, Rev. Bosako: Many times, I have attended tribal messiah workshop. But this one is different; it is very clear and inspiring. I am very happy to learn about the completion of heavenly tribal messiah through 8 stages. I am determined to work in my country and become a tribal messiah by all cost. I also feel that Zambia is a potential nation at the moment. I feel all our support is needed to help this one nation establish 12 successful tribal messiahs. We need to work as a team and have a clear internal transformation among ourselves.

Priest Crispin Mwangana and his wife: We are honored, as a couple, to receive the information about how to accomplish the tribal messiah mission in Zambia. This nation of Zambia already has a good foundation to do successfully tribal messiah activities.

Evelyn Ouettara: I really feel inspired by this workshop and as a couple we feel more united and see the way forward is to fulfill the 430 couple blessing. The kalaba Vincent Family. I am inspired about the whole workshop. I feel now is the time to start my tribal messiah activities. I have my targeted areas and I am ready to start.

Mr. And Mrs. Goli: We are deeply grateful for this workshop. We have learned a lot. We are determined to fulfill my 5% portion of responsibility which is to fulfill my tribal messiah mission.

FFWPU Botswana, President: Before coming to the workshop, I did not expect that much. I was surprised to learn a very clear and systematic way of restoration through tribal messiahship.

The wife of President of FFWP Botswana: Before coming to this workshop, I couldn’t understand or explain how one could solve the problem of collective sin. I am happy; I could get the answer through this workshop. I learned that collective sin is removed through the accomplishment of tribal messiahship. So I can’t run from my tribal messiah mission.

Andrico Tshaba: This workshop has extended my understanding of the Divine Principle. Heavenly tribal messiah is my mission and the key to liberating Heavenly Parent and True Parents’ heart. From now on, I will love everyone throughout the world with the same love.

Kiyomi Wakasaka: Thank you very much for this workshop. This workshop woke me up and clarified my mission. Now I have to change our attitude. I will be a victorious tribal messiah by uniting with my leader and the members

FFWPU Mozambique President: I am deeply impressed by this special workshop. Through this workshop I have a clear idea about tribal messiahship activities. Now I know clearly how to do the tribal messiah mission and what to do. This is a big revelation from my Heavenly Parent.