One Day Divine Principle Seminar: How to restore Human Values

FFWPU Romania, Bucharest, Romania, October 10, 2015:  We organized two 1-Day Divine Principle Workshop with joyful spirit on October 3rd and on October 10th. We were so happy to receive new people who has desire to know more about Divine Principle. Specially who came this workshop had a lot of desire to study Divine Principle because they were inspired by Introduction of Divine Principle.

We organized lectures with ‘Principle of Creation’, ‘Human Fall’ and ‘Principle of Restoration’. Each lecturers gave clear message with passion. So all the participants were very focused in order to understand better the content. In the break time they were asking questions in order to understand clearly and put in practice in their life. So they showed us their desire to study more deeply. We could feel the power of Divine Principle to open people’s heart.

After the workshop, we organized one project name of ‘True Love is Action’. One of Active CARP member organize very interesting activity for new participants. We made 2 teams and we went to out to meet different kind of people to ask these 2 questions. ‘What is happiness for you?’ and ‘What makes you happy?’ All the new participants were so happy and excited to talk with new people. And they discovered that all the people are searching for happiness. Also we could learn that practicing True Love is not complicated things but simple words or smile has a lot of power to give love for the people.

We are sure that this workshop was new life experience for all of us with new vision and hope. We will continue to support our new brothers and sisters to discover Heavenly Parents heart and right way of life through Divine Principle study and activities.

Thank you so much Heavenly Parents and True Parents.