Malaysia Singapore Nationwide Parents Workshop

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By FFWPU Malaysia, Yutaka Yamada: On 17th and 18th October 2015, nationwide parents’ workshop has been organized first time in the history of Malaysia’s providence with 150 participants from Malaysia and Singapore attended. Special guest lecturer has been invited from Japan, Reverend Tada (the director of education department of Japan) to give the lecture.

The participants had a wonderful workshop experience with opportunity to express themselves between husband and wife, and to understand more on the education of second generations.

The participants get to learn about the ways to understand their children as the “Son of God” and to reflect against their relationship with their children. They also wrote the letter of apology to their children for past mistakes made towards their children.

Special emissary of Asia, Dr. Chung Shik yong also shared about True mother’s message of Asian Topgun Workshop Closing ceremony in Korea. How True Mother is loving and expecting to establish CIG.

At the end of the workshop, all the participants determined to build an ideal family as the foundation to victory of Heavenly Tribal Messiah Mission and determined to fulfill National restoration of CIG!

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