International Day of Peace 2015 in Thailand

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UPF Thailand, Kamol Thananopavarn: UPF Thailand held Project ‘One Minute Silent prayer and meditation for peace and reading peace message’ every year since 2009. This peace campaign on International Day of Peace receive more and more support in every year until reaching to national level in order to promote conscientious for peace and love throughout the nation. The main partners are Ministry of Education, Department of Education of Bangkok Metropolitan. Recently Royal Thai Police and Governor of each province also hold campaign in police stations and schools in their area.

The hi-light of this year is the message of Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha expressed his admiration to UPF Thailand in his message as organization which campaign and hold peace activities on International Day of Peace every year. This message was read in more than 1,500 schools and government office building and by more than 1 million people nationwide. One of the highest representative of UN in Thailand, Dr. Gwang Jo Kim, Director of UNESCO Bangkok came to read Secretary General of UN, Mr. Ban Ki Moon and Secretary General of Ministry of Education came to read the message of Prime Minister Prayut at St. Francis Xavier Women school in Bangkok which was chosen by Ministry of Education to be main event this year.

Through this project on International Day of Peace, the work of UPF Thailand receive recognition in the national level through nationwide and create good impact to support UN work for promoting peace in Thailand and throughout the world.

UPF Thailand will try our best effort to help transform Thailand to become nation of peace and unity ‘Cheon Il Guk’ according to the founders’ Vision, Dr. Sun Myung Moon & Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon.

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