Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival in Bangkok, Thailand

FFWPU Thailand, Kamol Thananopavarn, September 26, 2015: Mr. Gustavo & Mrs. Pratueng Jimenez, Columbian & Thai blessed family, invested for 3 years to do Tribal Messiah mission in their home area, Ladprao district of Bangkok. They have restored spiritual children for more than 20 couples completed 3 days ceremony. One of them are Mr. & Mrs. Kritidej Sirikanokchai who had chance to join Special Grace workshop at Cheongpyeong and visit Cheon Jeong Gung as True Mother’s guests in October 2014.

Jimenez family and Sirikanokchai family were working very hard to prepare for Blessing at government office building in their home area with the support of Government district officer. This is the first time that FFWPU be able to hold blessing at Government District Building in Bangkok.

There are 120 People 70 families attended at 9th floor auditorium of Ladprao government district office in Bangkok. Rev. Kamol Thananopavarn, President of FFWPU Thailand served as MC.

Gen. Terdsak Maromme, President of UPF Thailand, gave welcoming remark and Mr. Sutin Wikaikij, Chief of Ladprao District Officer gave Opening remark. Dr. & Mrs. Lek Thaveetermsakul, Cheon Il Guk Special Envoy, are Officiators represent True Parents.

Atmosphere of true love and gratitude spread around the government district hall. Many members of Senior Citizen Association of Ladprao and other districts join. They felt so deep happiness, sense of purification and blessing from True Parents. At the end 12 couples who receive Blessing in 2014 and completed 3 days ceremony receive certificate as model blessed families. They determine to support Mrs. Pratueng Jimenez more in order to spread out the Blessing from True Parents to 130,000 people living in Ladprao district and district nearby.

TP’s Blessing will be spread out and multiplied tremendously in Bangkok, capital city of 8 million people of Thailand, with ownership and heart of filial piety of our Tribal Messiah and new blessed families who completed 3 days ceremony till we can restore Cheon Il Guk  in Thailand.