Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival in Kalasin, Thailand

FFWPU Thailand, September 20, 2015, Kamol Thanaopavarn: Mrs. Sangkom Netsopa receive great co-operation from Dr. Ronnachit Puttala, Chief of District officer, to do Tribal Messiah mission in all 12 sub-districts of Kuchinarai district of 120,000 population. This Blessing at Jumjang is the fifith sub-district which receive so much co-operation from local government, community leaders, religious leaders and people. Blessing in Kuchinarai, local people always take strong ownership and want to follow and practice everything that guided by True Parents and FFWPU. They feel so proud and believe that FFWPU and True Parents can transform their communities to become Ideal Peaceful Communities and bring heavenly fortune to their family.

Dr. Ronnachit always explains to everybody, “In my own life experience more than 30 years as government officer, I never see any project better than FFWPU project. FFWPU education and activities can hit to the point of problem of society that is family and wife & husband relationship, having system that help family life become better in substantial way such as indemnity stick, 40 days sex fasting, 3 days ceremony and blessed family tradition.”

“FFWPU has teaching material and tradition to establish good ideal communities that consistency with Thai tradition. FFWPU coordinator and staff are so capable and have exemplary life for people to follow. So, government and all people should support FFWPU and I am so happy and grateful to invest myself to support the work of FFWPU.

With strong leadership and exemplary life of loving his wife of Dr. Ronnachit, Tribal Messiah activities become very successful in Khaowong district and Kuchinarai district. Now he has confidence to present FFWPU project to New Kalasin Provincial Governor to expand this project to 18 districts and 1.7 million population of Kalasin.

Divine Principle Seminar, “Family is School of Love and Peace” was on September 19. Secretary General of Jumjang sub-district administration gave welcoming remark and Dr.Ronnachit, Chief of Kuchinarai District Officer gave opening remark. His remark was almost same as Divine Principle lecture and it opened the way for all participants to inspire and follow TP teaching. Mr. Phayungsri Deekote, FFWPU lecturer gave Divine Principle lecture.

300 people participated Blessing ceremony on September 20, 2015. Rev. Kamol Thanaopavarn, President of FFWPU Thailand served as MC. Gen. Pol. Lt. Thaveesak Tuchinda, UPF committee; committee of National Legislative Assembly and former Bangkok Election Commissioner gave welcoming remark. Mrs. Sangkom Netsopa, Director of Family Department and Tribal Messiah gave reporting remark and Dr. Ronnachit Puttala gave opening remark.

The Muslim leader and Christian leader came to benediction prayer came to Blessing in Kuchinarai 5 times in 4 months, they were so inspired to meet us and this time Christian leader brought his wife and daughter to receive blessing also.

Dr. and Mrs. Lek Thaveetermsakul served as Officiator represent True Parents. Mrs. Panida Duangjinda, WFWP Vice President gave Congratulatory remark. All participants determined to complete 40 days separation and 3 days ceremony and want to follow all Blessed Family Tradition in order to make their sub-district to become model peaceful town and to help Dr. Ronnachit to make Kuchinarai become model district of Thailand and expand to nationwide very soon.