Germany: Weekend Workshop in Neumühle

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FFWPU Germany, September 19-20, 2015, Bad Camberg, Germany: After many international seminars and youth meetings over the summer, the beginning of the beginning of autumn heralded the resumption of the monthly ‘Divine Principle’ weekend workshops. This time there were a dozen youth and adult participants.

It was a very special weekend filled with multiple challenges such as the absence of the moderator and one teacher because of illness and the delayed arrival of a second teacher because of a cow blocking the train track, but these were overcome with spontaneity and faith. For example, our young sister Rieko Tanaka from Düsseldorf spontaneously filled in as MC, and Claus Dubisz replaced the lecturer.

As always, Dieter Schmidt brought inspiration with his medical knowledge, so that concepts of the Principle such as body and spirit and physical and spiritual mind were clearly understandable.

Despite a weather forecast of rain, there was a lot of sunshine, which lifted the atmosphere. One participant, born Iran, had come to the workshop with the goal of rediscovering God. Disappointed by many twists of fate, she had argued with God and even doubted his existence. However, the presentation about the life of Jesus and the course of True Father kindled new hope in her, which she expressed in the end with tears.

In addition, the younger participants, all members of the second generation, gratefully took in the spiritual nourishment.

Due to the lack of a guitar player, each presentation was introduced by different pieces of music such as Holy Songs and videos on CD and PC.

The evening entertainment was different from the usual. Yeson Noguchi surprised us with pantomime games and other non- musical ideas. A young participant made the following comment: ‘it’s sometimes much more fun to play with adults!’

For the Neumühle staff, the weekend was interesting from another perspective. Running parallel to our event were two further projects involving families from the neighborhood. Nevertheless, all went very smoothly!