European Leaders’ Meeting

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FFWPU Europe, Neumühle, Bad Camberg, Germany, October 2-4, 2015: Under the title “Europe United: Toward Vision 2020”, more than 60 leaders, representing all areas of our European Movement, gathered at Bad Camberg, Germany, for their first meeting since the Third Anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa.

Beginning with a light supper on Friday, 2nd October, and finishing with lunch on Sunday, October 4, participants gathered to hear several messages of inspiration and support.

During Hoon Dok Hwe on Saturday, Special Emissary Dr. No Hi Pak read a report on visiting Korea. In Session I, Mr. Jack Corley gave a short welcoming address as he led his first European Leaders Meeting as the new continental director. He was followed by the former European continental director, Rev. Yong Shik An, who is currently the vice president of FFWPU-International and also the special representative to Germany and Austria.

The seating arrangements were set up as small groups around tables to better facilitate closer discussion and communication among the participants. The first two sessions looked at issues related to FFWPU, such as the state of our blessed families and communities, asking how we can improve our situation to respond to True Parents’ expectations tor Vision 2020. Results of the discussions were then related to everyone.

Session III, led by David Hanna, director of education, Blessing and youth, covered the areas of his responsibility, with reports from Yoshiko Pammer and Gani Rroshi on the Global Top Gun workshop in Korea; Blessing Department events by David Hanna; a survey of our European youth situation by William Haines; a report on STF (Special Task Force) Europe by its director, Deborah Cali, and a report on ESGD (European Second Generation Department) programs by Martin Alexey.

In Sessions IV and V, participants divided into four groups to discuss all the major areas of our work. The discussion on FFWPU was divided into two groups, which were led by Heiner Handschin and Matthew Huish; the UPF discussion was chaired by Jacques Marion, and the discussion on WFWP was chaired by Carolyn Handschin.

Saturday, 3rd October, happened to be the 25th anniversary of the formal reunification of Germany, and during the evening program German National Leader Dieter Schmidt presented a report on events surrounding the fall of the Berlin Wall and a look at the process of reunification. During the evening program we also heard a report on the goal and activities of the Universal Peace Academy from its president, Dr. David Dong Woo Kim. The evening finished with all participants joining together for a candlelight prayer at the nearby Holy Ground.

The final session before lunch on Sunday, 4th October, included reports from the chairs of each discussion group and words of gratitude from the continental director.

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