COTE D’IVOIRE: Seven Day Divine Principle Workshop

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FFWPU COTE D’IVOIRE: The series of three Divine Principle workshops every month in going on at the national education center in Yopougon, Abidjan. From October 12 to 18, the seventh seven day workshop was held with 11 participants.

There were six brothers and five sisters who from across the nation. The lecturers were Rev. Brou Konan Jean Marie, National Vice-president and Davi Bertin and Allouéké Marcellin.

At the closing, the workshop participants were introduced to the congregation on the Sunday service on October 18, at the national HQ in Yopougon. And later on the same day, they have received their workshop certificates.

The participants were very happy to discover the new truth and have resolved to change their lives and follow the Divine Principle.

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