CARP Portugal: 2-Day Divine Principle Workshop


By FFWPU Portugal, Sergio Neto, Lisbon, Portugal, October 10-11, 2015: CARP members showed interest to have a Divine Principle workshop to start to learn to take responsibility to give lectures to their own guests. FFWPU organized a 2 Day DP workshop which was also open for general members and guests. It turned out to be a very good partnership between 1st and 2nd generation.

The program for the first day were lectures followed by questions and answers. In the evening we watched an inspirational movie connected to the beginning of Christianity. The second day continued with lectures and concluded with a graduation ceremony where the ten participants received a certificate.

Reflecting on this workshop, the result was very positive. The environment was inspiring and the participants left the workshop motivated to bring guests, friends and colleagues next time.

May God bless our True Parents’ work and members’ efforts towards Vision 2020.