Bulgaria: Farewell to Mihail Sergeev

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FFWPU Bulgaria, September 21, 2015: Mihail Sergeev, the first Bulgarian member of the Unification Movement left us you our sympathy at this time of sadness that you must feel upon his sudden departure. At the same time we very unexpectedly on September 17, 2015, one day before his 58th birthday.

We held his Seonghwa Ceremony on September 21, 2015 in the just renovated main hall of the Peace Embassy in Sofia. Friends, colleagues, relatives, Peace Ambassadors and Bulgarian brothers and sisters from all over the country expressed great respect in front of Mihail during his Seonghwa and Wonjun Ceremonies. We wish him a straight way and a happy, bright new life in Heaven.

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Excerpts from his biography

Mihail Sergeev was born on September 18, 1957. He studied history at Sofia University. In the communist time when religion was seen as old fashioned, as out of time, as something what disturbs communist society, he started to pray by himself without knowing what prayer was really about. He just believed that there is God and that he knows best what to do and that Jesus was a real historical figure and the best human being who had ever lived.

He was witnessed by Christian Zwerger in 1984 and joined the Church on December 17, 1985 together with his wife Mihaela. (They were married already since 1982). They got the blessing as previously married couple in 1992 (1267 couples’ blessing) together with Muslim couples, among them there were, for instance, the Grand Mufti of Syria and the Grand Mufti of Yemen.

Misho and Mihaela had a son in 1996, who went to the spirit world soon after his birth. Their daughter, Bogdana was born in 1999.

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Excerpt from the message given by Jack Corley, Regional President of Europe (read during the ceremony)

Dear Mihaela and Bogdana, on the occasion of the Seonghwa of your beloved husband and father, I want to extend to you the love, thoughts and prayers of our brothers and sisters from throughout Europe.

The sudden passing of Mihail has come as a shock to all of us, and we are saddened by his passing at such a relatively young age. We therefore send want you to be comforted in knowing that he is now ascending into the loving embrace of our Heavenly Parent and True Parents in the spiritual world. He will also be united with his beloved son, Hanko, and can celebrate together the beginning of a new life in the eternal spiritual world…

Throughout his life in working for the providence he has served in fundraising, lecturing and in management positions in FFWPU—for which he served as one of the first native national leader of the Bulgarian branch—UPF and PWPA, reaching out to the leaders in society who have appreciated his sincerity and devotion.

Mihail had a sensitive and artistic soul, and although he could not proceed with his original desire to become a great violinist, he has brought joy and happiness to many through his very great skills on the guitar, with which he also shared songs written by his own hand.

Dear Mihaela and Bogdana, please be assured that Mihail will be honored for his faith and belief in the Divine Principle and True Parents’ providence.

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