ANGOLA: Divine Principle and Moral Values for the Youth

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YFWP Angola: The Youth Federation for World Peace in Angola together with the FFWPU held an educational activity on October 10, 2015, on the theme “The Need for Character Education”. This was part of a series of lectures on Civic and Moral Values Rescue among the Youth.

The lecture took place at the FFWPU Headquarters from 10 am to 12: 45 pm. There were about 70 young people from various schools and who paid great attention to the content of the lecture. The MC was Jeronimo Liba executive secretary of the FFWPU and the keynote speaker was Gilberto João Evangelista, director of the FFWPU-education department.

During the activity there was a time for entertainment through some poetries and performance of the musical group of FFWPU-Angola.

After the lecture, 21 young participants were appointed as Ambassadors for Peace.

These educational activities are part of the witnessing activities in order to make more Young Ambassadors for Peace who will be educated in seminars in the coming days. The Character Education is to be introduced through the Divine Principle’s lectures. In that way, FFWPU in Angola is hoping to increase of the membership.

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