Purity Program: All you need is Love! – My Life, My Family, My Lineage

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FFWPU Romania, October 6, 2015: We are so grateful to offer this report in front of Heavenly Parents and True Parents. We organized Purity Education event for young people. This time our subject was ‘The Miracle of Life’!

We discuss about how our life appeared and how precious life is through presentation. Lecturer explained meaning of life with ‘Prenatal Memory’. This is the memory which 30% of children remember about before the birth. And all the children shared very similar memories. Specially about purpose of life ‘To help people’ or How they appeared ‘God send me by slider and I met my mother’ etc… So the conclusion of presentation was we are all chosen by God. In order to be here in this time, in order to help people. After this presentation some of participants started shed tears of joy and gratitude. It really touched our heart.

Afterwards, we invited one of our blessed family to give message for young people. They shared how is the feeling of being father and mother, and also what kind of preparation young people need in order to create beautiful family in the future. In the end, all the participants became more serious about their life and started to feel how important is this life.

We wish this program can encourage Romanian young people to keep Sexual Purity in order to make beautiful family in the future.