Yeon Ah Nim with Blessed Families and Members in Queensland

FFWPU Australia, September 16, 2015, Royal on the Park Hotel, Brisbane, Queensland: Yeon Ah Nim and her staff, Regional President Rev. Yoo and his wife, and WFWP Oceania President Anne Bellavance arrived in Brisbane from Auckland New Zealand early in the morning of the 16th of September. Not soon after, her party had to prepare and attend a Women’s Federation Bridge of Peace Ceremony. In the evening a dinner had been arranged for her party and the members of the local FFWPU community.

The dinner was to be informal. So the agenda was ad hoc with advice from Rev. Yoo. Following an opening prayer, dinner was served then after the first course, two second generation volunteers Rachel Newman and Julia Raymond offered a rendition of Amazing Grace. Gifts were exchanged between the Queensland community and Yeon Ah Nim representing True Mother. Deep thanks were offered by members that our small community could meet directly with a member of the True Family in Brisbane.

Yeon Ah Nim asked if members had any questions for her. A member asked, ”how does Yeon Ah Nim keep faith in the face of the many challenges coming to True Family and the church?”. Yeon Ah Nim responded by asking what is the meaning of “faith”. There were various responses. She concluded that it could be seen as a way of being in the world. She explained about the nature of love from the view point of her children. Easy comfortable love, vs the true love: that comes from genuine care, isn’t comfortable, but has lasting benefit. She referred to True Mother’s love and investment in members and especially the second generation. In particular True Mothers concern: for the future development of our community, creating a nation that demands respect and protects our True Parent centred community. She challenged members to fulfil tribal messiah responsibilities as part of this protection and for personal growth and development. Though difficult, this is the hard love message that True Mother gives.

Finally, Yeon Ah Nim spoke of her observation of True Mother’s constant investment and her desire to take a part of True Mothers burden. Thus the very tiring schedule that means not seeing her own children for long periods, in order to take care of members.

We observed in her visit a constant desire to serve, from taking time from rest to go and buy breakfast for her party (who had to make an early departure the following day) to taking time to buy gifts for the members who came to see her off at the airport the next morning, even while her flight was past boarding time.