Yeon ah Nim at Melbourne Family Church

FFWPU Australia, September 20th 2015: Professor Yeon Ah Moon (WFWP International President) spoke to over 100 members during Sunday Service in Melbourne, Australia the 20th of September. Although Yeon Ah Nim speaks English well, Andrew Lausberg translated for her in order to express aspects of the heart more deeply. Yeon Ah Nim said “what I would to share with you is what I learnt from being with True-Parents and by studying True Fathers words”. She expressed that what she learn the most is how much True-Parents love each and every member of our church. At times we may feel that True-Parents push us, but this is because we represent the child that is filial to the parents. The parent’s heart is to care for the children including the ones in need. Hence, we are asked to do the hard work of caring for our brothers and sisters in this world, who are in need.

She also spoke about True-Parents desire to restore one nation for God, emphasizing that this is also out of love and care for us, in that if blessed families do not have a nation that can protect them, then at some point they may suffer at the hands of the world.

We were filled with hope and energy when we understood that the spirit that should drive our tribal messiahship must be the heart of a parent doing all that is needed to look after his children, people within our society. This teaching and understanding came from our True-Parents.

Two gifts from True-Mother were presented to the Melbourne church, one for our whole community to have a BBQ together and the other for the 2nd Generation. All of us were deeply moved by the heart of mother who was concerned to uplift the hearts of our members. In turn, our church community presented cards for True Mother and Yeon Ah Nim which were signed by all members present on the day. Gifts were given for True Mother, Yeon Ah Nim and her children, Mrs. Choi and Yeahonghee Lee.

After lunch, Yeon Ah Nim shared with the sisters of the community. Members noticed the smiles and uplifted spirits of our sisters coming out of this meeting. She described that sisters are love batteries for each other and when we need to be re-charged, just come together to share deeply and this is the way to keep our community close. Yeon Ah Nim shared that it is the mother who is the Centre of the family and that we need to hold the tradition and heavenly standard un-waving with a warm heart that does not judge, no matter what turmoil may eventuate for our children or husbands. Yeon Ah Nim explained that True Mother feels that responsibility so deeply and often cannot sleep; upon still being restless at 2am gets up and begins doing her work. Sisters had the opportunity to introduce themselves and also share a song or their thoughts. Mrs. Arai, on behalf of all our sisters, was presented a money gift as seed money in order to facilitate sisters sharing together.

It was a historic and moving day, where Yeon Ah Nim shared True Mother’s heart to all our community members. Thank you Yeon Ah Nim for leaving your five children back in Korea to spend this time with us, wer are deeply grateful and the memory of your visit will stay with us.