USA: A Gratitude Tour

By FFWPU USA: Rev. Michael Sykes and his wife Minister Zena Sykes, embarked on a 12-city Gratitude Tour that culminated on September 13 in Seattle, Washington. The tour was done at their own expense as a way to give back and show appreciation to True Parents. Beginning on August 21 in New Jersey, the couple traveled to New York, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North and South Dakota, Idaho, and Washington in order to meet with Unificationists and clergy and to educate pastors on how to teach Divine Principle to their congregations.

The couple themselves met through the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC). Zena’s father, Rev. Chee, was a member of ACLC in Hawaii, and before his ascension asked his daughter to work with True Parents and the ACLC. The couple participated in the Holy Marriage Blessing on the first Foundation Day. Audiences were thrilled to hear Rev. Sykes explain how “God worked to bring them together.”

During their visit to Minneapolis, Pastor Michael and Zena Sykes welcomed 40 people including 10 ministers and community leaders. “There was an outpouring of love and it was an event that was heartily received by all,” said one participant. Rev. Sykes spoke about how teaching responsible marriage is the key to saving this nation and encouraged participants to teach the Divine Principle and to reach out to ministers to teach Divine Principle to their congregations.

In South Dakota, the couple had the opportunity to meet with Dennis and Mayuri Hoffman, who blessed 160 couples in marriage in 1997 and who worked together with Chief Red Cloud and the native radio station to then bless 120,000 couples in marriage, including 100 pastors.

In all of the communities Rev. Michael and Minister Zena Sykes were received with love and warmth. They expressed their gratitude to local Unificationists and encouraged them to continue to do their best in teaching others the great works of True Parents.