UPF’s Principles of Peace: A Foundation for Global Peace and Sustainable Development”

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UPF/FFWPU Asia, September 17 -21, 2015: UPF and FFWPU in Asia hosted the 15th Asian Leadership Conference (ALC) in Bangkok, Thailand from Sept. 17-21, 2015. The 28 participants from six different nations represented a wide range in age, religion and professional backgrounds, such as religious leaders, representatives of the Ministry of Social Affairs and largest Muslim women’s organization in Indonesia, schools and universities, NGOs, advocates, journalists, military and students.

At the Opening Session Dr. Chung Sik Yong, chairman of UPF Asia, Dr. Robert S. Kittel, Education Director of UPF Asia, and Mr. Pasit Sirimalai, Deputy Secretary General of UPF Thailand, introduced the conference theme “UPF’s Principles of Peace: The Foundation for Global Peace and Sustainable Development.”

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Basic Information:

  • This was a 5-day (including arrivals and departures) Divine Principle education seminar for VIPs from Asia focusing on public-mindedness, marriage, family and the value of the Blessing.
  • There were 28 participants from six Asian nations: Nepal – 9; Indonesia – 7; Cambodia – 6; Pakistan – 3; Bangladesh – 2; and Philippines – 1.
  • There were 22 men and 6 women attending.
  • At the end, participants happily took the Pure Love Pledge. They not only promised to keep purity before marriage and fidelity within marriage themselves but committed themselves to propagating these ideals within their communities.

Participants came to understand that not only their own religion but all other faith traditions advocate purity and family values and promised to work together to build families, communities and a nation of True Love after returning home.

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