True Parents News: Weekly Update

Peace TV September 26, 2015


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True Parents News & Korean News

  1. Apple Picking with the True Family
  2. Yeon Ah Moon Attends a UN International Day of Peace Event / Yeon Ah Moon Visits Family Churches in Australia
  3. Chairwoman Moon Hoon Sook Visits Otsu Church
  4. Festival to Welcome New Members
  5. The Citizens Committee to prepare for Korean Reunification Launching Rallies
  6. WFWP and the Citizens Federation for Unification Receives Government Prize

Global News

  1. Matsuo Machida Arrived at the Washington Monument
  2. UPeace Volunteer Group Supports Typhoon Relief in Japan
  3. The First South Asian Youth Leadership Seminar
  4. Portugal’s Annual Workshop for Blessed Families
  5. UPF-Peru Peace Council Senior Citizens Forum
  6. One-Day Divine Principle Seminar for New Members
  7. Kick-off Workshop of Heavenly Tribal Messiahship Activities