True Parents News: Weekly Update

Peace TV September 12, 2015


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True Parents News & Korean News

  1. Cheon Il Guk Leader’s Special Assembly
  2. Special Hoondokhwe with Special Envoys and Regional Leaders
  3. Holy Ground Pilgrimage for Representative Families
  4. 2015 Conference for Church Growth
  5. 2015 Cheongpyeong Summer Special Great Works
  6. Sunmoon University Received Level A in the University Structural Reform Evaluation

Global News

  1. Global Top Gun Workshop Closing Ceremony
  2. Sisterhood between Nepal Republic Media and Segye Times
  3. Brazil, “True Parent’s Lives and Achievements” Exhibit
  4. New Zealand, Dinner Banquet Celebration
  5. Peru, Celebration with Home Groups
  6. Zambia Celebration
  7. Bolivia, Three-Day March