The Third Universal Seonghwa Memorial of True Father in Sydney, Australia

FFWPU Oceania: All the members of FFWPU, WFWPU and UPF in Old worked together to organize and facilitate the heartfelt appreciation for the life and works carried out by the late Rev Sun Myung Moon.

Since it was going to be a public celebration, members sought to advertise the event as widely as possible given a budget to work with. Ads were placed in the following:

  • Courier Mail the Saturday before the event
  • Tong Korean Newspaper for a month leading up the event
  • Epoch Chinese Newspaper for a month leading up to the event
  • Face Book ads appearing in the news feed for 10 days before leading up the event.

Although it was hard to measure the response of peoples’ viewing of the ad, FB offered some feedback. The ad was liked by over 50 people and negative comments were only 3 in total.

The event was held in the Centre for Interfaith and Cultural Dialogue at the Griffith University, Nathan Campus, and coordinated by Veronica Newman, FFWPU.

The celebration opened with Paul Saver, FFWPU, as MC welcoming everyone.

Aunty Peggy Tidyman, as she likes to be called, and on behalf of the first peoples of our country gave welcome to country.

Dr John Coles, FFWPU, followed with a very deep and moving prayer, citing Heavenly Parent’s long and arduous effort to bring mankind to salvation through the second Adam Jesus and the third Adam, Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

Mamiko Rattley, formally welcomed everyone to the celebration. Mrs. Rattley is the state leader of WFWPU and UPF and had invited 2 guests speakers, Ms. Sharon Orapeleng and Mr. Surendra Prasad who as Ambassadors of Peace gave their impressions on their experiences being involved with organizations that were started by Rev. Moon and how he personally had impacted their lives and the world at large.

This was followed by a personal testimony of John Adamedes, FFWPU, who has been a follower of Rev. Moon for over 30 years. He shared how he had a close encounter with God at the age of 9 and again when he first saw a photo of Rev. Moon in a United Kingdom church centre where he later subsequently joined the movement. He discovered the perfect love of a Parent God in the first encounter and the Fatherly Parent Rev. Moon in the second. He is inspired to become a perfect person and parent himself, because he has the example in front of him to emulate.

A video featuring, “As a Peace – Loving Global Citizen” was shown to review Rev. Moon’s own life, teachings and works.

Julia Raymond and Seensim Adamedes, FFWPU Youth Group, performed a Hill song favorite, entitled, “Oceans”, whilst the audience quietly contemplated the life of the Rev. Moon.

Closing remarks were given by Kim Raymond, FFWPU, (who is organizing a Fishing Tournament on the Gold Coast September 6th 2015 following this event as a way to remember the founder of many of the movement’s activities and industries centered on the ocean, which Rev. Moon was passionately involved in). He gave a moving speech on his relationship with Rev Moon and how that has changed not only his life for the better, but Rev. Moon has left a legacy that will help the world come to realize peace.

Everyone assembled for a group photo and the supper was served.



Overheard in conversation with two Multi – Faith centre staff members; they shared that they were amazed at how well our group worked together and even cleaned up so efficiently at the end instead on leaving cleaning to them alone.

A Korean lady, who is not a member, came wanting to find out about Rev. Moon more thoroughly, and whose brother is a church member blessed with a Japanese wife.