The Third Universal Seonghwa Memorial of True Father in Tasmania, Australia

By FFWPU/UPF Oceania, August 31, 2015, Hobart, Tasmania: We held this event at the beautiful, newly built Baha’i center in Hobart, Tasmania, on Sunday, 31st August 2015 under the banner of Universal Peace Federation.

Our guest speaker was Mr Rick McInerheney from Victoria, former UPF National Director and the MC for the event was Penny Amaral, UPF Tasmania.

As we only have three members in Hobart, the purpose of the event was to provide an opportunity for new people to learn more about True Father and some of his many accomplishments which have largely gone unrecognized by the general public. It was also an opportunity for new people to learn about what True Parents have on offer for us, such as learning some aspects of the philosophy of the Unification movement – ‘Living for the Sake of Others’, ‘Peace in the world starts with peace within each of us’. It was an information session, showcasing some of the remarkable achievements obtained by True Father in one short lifetime. We urged the attendees to follow his example, aspire to greater things by working for the sake of the greater good in the community in their lifetimes.

We organized a simple photo exhibition, outlining some True Father’s activities and important milestones, a short video presentation(s) and talk by Mr McInerheney of approximately 20 minutes. It began at 2pm and finished around 3pm with refreshments.

When guests began arriving, we put on a video which provided a reflective atmosphere with background music. The beauty of the video was that it set the scene by showing a number of True Father’s quotes. From there, we introduced the purpose of the event, and then introduced Rick who spoke for around 20 minutes about True Father and the impact he had on Rick’s own life. The talk was well received. Finally, we showed the main video of about 8 minutes, narrated by Mike Balcomb.

Finally, we ended the event by asking if any guests had questions to ask the speaker and a couple of people took the opportunity. We had 15 guests and 19 people in total (members present were Romilton and Penny Amaral, Placide Nkoso and Rick McInerheney).

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