The Third Anniversary of the Universal Seonghwa of True Father in Sweden

By FFWPU Sweden, Katsuyuki Kikuchi, September 6, 2015: The chief monk in Buddharama Temple in Sweden , Phramaha boonthin took an initiative to organize “ the Third Anniversary of the Universal Seonghwa of True Father”. It was held by 4 monks, 4 provisional nuns, FFWP members and Thai Buddhist members.

Phramaha Boonthin explained the significance of this anniversary of ascension ceremony. After the candle lightning, gifts’ offering, the life of water ceremony and the prayer for Dr. Moon’s wellbeing, President of UPF Mrs. Ing- marie Kikuchi gave the concluding speech. The whole procedure went so smoothly. The atmosphere was solemn and peaceful, and appropriate for the Anniversary of Dr. Moon’s ascension.

You see a gold belt in front of the monks. This belt is connected to Father Moon’s photo. By offering the gifts on the belt, the sincerity of the believers will be sent to the ascended (= Father Moon) through the monks.

Last year no members from the Buddhist community joined to the ceremony except monks. This time some of their members joined to the ceremony. We have a plan to invite them to the celebration of True Children’s Day in November