The 34th Western General Orientation Program (GOP/PREP) Opening Ceremony 2015/2016

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By Olaleye Alao: The GOP/PREP 2015/2016 year began with high spirit in Korea at the Sun Hwa Campus of the Institute of Korean Studies for Foreign Students on September 4, 2015 after the victorious celebration of 3rd year anniversary of our True Father’s ascension.

Program started with the blessed children participants writing a letter of gratitude and comfort to True Mother. They all expressed their determination to become true sons and daughters of filial piety and pledged their loyalty to Heavenly Parent and True Parents and especially promised absolute loyalty to True Mother who has supported them greatly in scholarships until now, that, they will grow in heart and spirit.

The General Orientation Program (GOP) in Korea has provided an immersive cultural and spiritual experience for young people for over 30 years guided by the founding ideals by our True Father “Love God, Love Humankind and Love Country.

The Institute of Korean Studies for Foreign Students was established as the Sun Hwa Campus in 1982 by True Parent’s directions to make a way for the international 2nd generation blessed children to have a chance to learn True Parents’ language, their heart of faith, and their tradition. It became a part of Sun Moon University’s programs in 2001.

Our new Principal, Yeon-Ah Moon. Since her appointment at the end of last year, has taken a great interest in the students and the program, and she is working with staff to strengthen it.

The opening ceremony was followed by a welcome party to the new GOP and PREP students and was supported by 4 older western GOP Alumni who are currently students in Middle and High school in Korea.

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