Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival in Lao Hai Ngam Thailand

FFWPU Thailand, Rev. Kamol Thananopavarn, September 10, 2015: It was the great success in blessing and divine principle education at Lao Hai Ngam sub-district, Kuchinarai district, Kalasin province. Even though we had a heavy rain after lunch between morning session-divine principle lecture & afternoon session-blessing ceremony, it cause blessing ceremony to be postponed for 2 hours, however, participants still come back and make the hall full. Government officers and community leaders all take strong ownership to make this event become one of the most beautiful and successful.

This is 4th blessing in Kuchinarai district under the leadership of Dr. Ronnachit Phuttala, Chief of Kuchinarai district officer who has supported Sangkom tribe since 2013 to hold blessing 2 times at Khaowong district. Since he has worked with FFWPU in Khaowong and Kuchinarai, there are numerous miracle cases how people lives under him were changed after join Divine Principle education and blessing ceremony to become more healthy and happy families. Dr. Ronnachit believes that this is best project to solve problems in communities and societies, and it is his mission as Chief of government officers in districts to expand this project. He and his wife completed 3 days Divine Principle education and 3 days ceremony. They become so proud to work with FFWPU and start to take more ownership as new Heavenly Tribal Messiahs.

After Dr. Ronnachit moved to Kuchinarai district in beginning of 2015, he determined to hold blessing in all 12 sub-districts and make many tens thousands of blessed families in Kuchinarai, then, determine to make Kuchinarai to become model FFWPU district of Thailand, and even model of the world.

Dr. Chung Sik Yong has met Dr. Ronnachit in beginning of July 2015 and challenged him to raise up 40 leaders under him to restore 430 families completed 3 days ceremony and become model families of FFWPU by next Gi Won Jeol 2016, then Dr. Yong will bring him and his 40 leaders to visit Cheon Jeong Peace Palace and meet with True Mother. Now Dr. Ronnachit is very serious toward this goal of restoration of 40 tribes or 17,200 families or 100,000 population to become citizens of Cheon Il Guk by next year February. Now he plans to expand FFWPU activities to neighbors districts and try to connect FFWPU to higher government officers and current cabinet ministers

When Gen. Terdsak, UPF Thailand President, visited Kuchinarai this time and came to know how success of FFWPU project in Khaowong and Kuchinarai that can help improve people’s lives and communities turn to peace and happiness. He feels so proud, inspired and touched by what happen under the leadership of Ronnachit. It motivates Gen.Terdsak to have conviction to offer FFWPU to current military government who he has very strong connection as senior and junior in army.

He said to Dr.Ronnachit that he will do all he can to support Dr. Ronnachit to make Kuchinarai to become model district of the nation and expand FFWPU work to everywhere. He said, “current minister of interior, minister of defense, Gen. Prayuth current Prime Minister, even current Commander in Chief of Royal Thai Army, all of them were raised up and trained by me.” Now Gen. Terdsak was awaken to have great conviction to expand FFWPU to connect to current government with clear substantial result and model that have already become substantial success.

With these two great John the Baptists, I believe that Heavenly Tribal Messiah movement in Thailand will expand rapidly and tremendously as nuclear chain-reaction. It will lead FFWPU to be able to produce millions of Cheon Il Guk  citizens very soon and transform this nation to fulfill Vision 2020.