Successful Conclusion of Summer Mobilization in Albania

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FFWPU Albania, August 2 – September 6 2015, Albania: On 5-6 September 2015, in our Training Center, 40 brothers and sisters divided in 7 teams concluded successfully the 40 day mobilization which was mainly fundraising, Divine Principle study and witnessing in Tirana, Durres, Elbasan, Korca, Shkodra, Kosovo, and Mobile Fundraising Team. Each group shared different experiences from the mobilization.

During this time, each member or young guest who joined mobilization could connect more to True Parents tradition. We are grateful to every brother and sister, who decided to dedicate these days to God’s word, learning True Parents Tradition and passing on this message to other young people in their cities.

During this time, also True Mother organized Top Gun workshop for brothers and sisters from around the world, in which also from Albania could attend our National Leader and 4 Community Leaders. We were happy that they came back for the Closing Ceremony of Mobilization, so FFWPU President, Gani Rroshi, could share deep experiences from Korea and True Mothers heart and love with all the participants.

40-moba (1)

Members had so many experiences from mobilization, but we selected some from the written reflections:

Midori Nakatani (Durres Team) :“In this team I could see my limitations many times, so I prayed a lot to overcome them, but every day different limitations were coming out. During witnessing I faced difficulties to believe that I can reach the goals I decided. I tried not to see my situations I was facing, but God’s Will. I tried to be grateful.”

Anxhela Hoxhallari (Kosovo Team): “Mobilization in Kosovo was a real challenge but a valuable time for me. I have been two times in mobilization. First time was to make a stronger foundation to accept the truth and to establish the base to live as a true family. While the second year I could build a stronger castle centered on True Parents. I felt often felt lonely, but when I remind to myself for what I was there I felt guilty, God was there with me… He helped me to get answers for my questions that I always had. These answers helped to believe that God exists and that he is everywhere with us.”

Doralda Ferizi (Korca Team): …. These days have been for me beautiful and unforgettable. We enjoyed often with our team, but also my heart has grown more, I have learned how to love people more, even when they behave not good toward me, or when they don’t care for me. And I learned many other things from True Parents. I wish from my heart that True Parents can be proud of us, even though we couldn’t give that much for them. Thank you!”

Dajana Doçe (Shkodra Team): “Heavenly Parent, True Parents, I am very grateful for everything that I experienced during this time. It made me understand the importance of time, investment, responsibility, position, values. God, really you grew me more, I felt your presence very closely, I experienced strong faith emotions and understood in which level I am. God, I could understand that I am with You, and together with You and True Parents will go a long way ahead and will bring victory everywhere. I love you Heavenly Parent and True Parents! Thank you, I am grateful for everything!

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